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Vendas Maintenance is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace to ensure all employees in the workplace are protected.

Vendas Maintenance provides exceptional customer service whilst maintaining excellent standards in the management of occupational health and safety for all employees.

Occupational health and safety is the pro-active prevention of work related injuries and illnesses, and the development and promotion of safe systems of work.

Vendas Maintenance acknowledges that the active cooperation of all employees is required for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Consequently, the management of Vendas Maintenance is committed to a consultative approach to occupational health and safety issues and will assist in implementing measures designed to ensure the health and safety of all employees.

To achieve and maintain a standard of excellence in the management of OHS:

Management will, where necessary:

  • Ensure safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Provide and maintain suitable equipment.
  • Establish safe and healthy work practices
  • Ensure all employees are properly instructed and supervised

Employees will:

  • Observe health and safety practices and procedures.
  • Maintain safe conduct in the performance of their work.
  • Wear protective clothing and equipment as required.
  • Identify potential hazards and complete a risk assessment.
  • Report any health and safety problems. 

The commitment of Vendas Maintenance to the occupational health and safety of its employees is as important as its commitment to other business objectives. This policy will be regularly reviewed in the context of legislative and company changes

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